LibMultiSense Documentation
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCalibrationClass used For querying/setting camera calibration
 CDataClass to store camera calibration matrices
 CConfigClass used to store a specific camera configuration
 CHeaderClass containing image Header information common to all image types
 CHistogramClass which stores a image histogram from a camera image
 CSensorCalibrationClass to store sensor gains used to perform a DC level adjustment to calibrate the left imager to the right imager
 CConfigClass used to store a specific IMU configuration
 CHeaderClass containing Header information for an IMU callback
 CInfoClass containing detailed information for the IMU
 CRangeEntryClass containing a one valid IMU range configuration
 CRateEntryClass containing a one valid IMU rate configuration
 CSampleClass containing a single IMU sample
 CCalibrationClass used to store a laser calibration
 CHeaderClass which stores Header information for a lidar scan
 CConfigClass used to store a specific lighting configuration
 CSensorStatusA external sensor status
 CHeaderClass containing Header information for a PPS event
 CDeviceInfoClass used to store device information specific to a sensor
 CDeviceModeClass used query the device modes for a given sensor
 CExternalCalibrationA external calibration associated with the MultiSense
 CNetworkConfigClass containing the network configuration for a specific sensor
 CPcbInfoClass used to store PCB information for the various circuit boards in a sensor
 CStatusMessageClass containing status information for a particular device
 CVersionInfoClass containing version info for a specific sensor
 CChannelClass which manages all communications with a MultiSense device
 CDirectedStreamClass used to request that MultiSense data be sent to a 3rd-party stream destination (UDP port), currently supported only by CRL's Monocular IP Camera
 CHeaderBaseBase Header class for sensor callbacks