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crl::multisense::lighting::SensorStatus Class Reference

A external sensor status. More...

#include <MultiSenseTypes.hh>

Public Member Functions

 SensorStatus ()

Public Attributes

float ambientLightPercentage
 This represents the percentage of light the ambient sensor currently sees. More...

Detailed Description

A external sensor status.

This is only supported by external LED attachements for S21 devices

Example code to query the lighting sensor status :

// Instantiate a channel connecting to a sensor at the factory default
// IP address
channel = crl::multisense::Channel::Create("");
// Create a lightingConfig instance to store our queried lighting configuration
// Query the lighting configuration from the Channel instance
crl::multisense::Status status = channel->getLightingSensorStatus(lightingSensors);
// Check to see if the lighting sensor query was successful
throw std::runtime_error("Unable to query lighting sensor status");
// Use the lighting sensor status...
// Destroy the channel instance

Definition at line 2111 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SensorStatus()

crl::multisense::lighting::SensorStatus::SensorStatus ( )

Definition at line 2121 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ambientLightPercentage

float crl::multisense::lighting::SensorStatus::ambientLightPercentage

This represents the percentage of light the ambient sensor currently sees.

External ambient sensors are only available on S21 units with the external lighting attachement. This value ranges between 0 and 100

Definition at line 2119 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
Class which manages all communications with a MultiSense device.
Definition: MultiSenseChannel.hh:69
static CRL_CONSTEXPR Status Status_Ok
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:98
virtual Status getLightingSensorStatus(lighting::SensorStatus &status)=0
Get the status of the sensors attached to the external lighting platform.
static void Destroy(Channel *instanceP)
Destroy a channel instance that was created using the static member function Channel::Create().
int32_t Status
General status typdef used as a return value for get/set crl::multisense::Channel methods.
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:93
virtual Status setMtu(int32_t mtu)=0
Set the current sensor's MTU.
A external sensor status.
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:2111
static Channel * Create(const std::string &sensorAddress)
Create a Channel instance, used to manage all communications with a sensor.