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crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo Class Reference

Class containing version info for a specific sensor. More...

#include <MultiSenseTypes.hh>

Public Member Functions

 VersionInfo ()
 Default constructor which initialize all values to 0. More...

Public Attributes

std::string apiBuildDate
 The build date of libMultiSense. More...
VersionType apiVersion
 The version of libMultiSense. More...
std::string sensorFirmwareBuildDate
 The build date of the sensor firmware. More...
VersionType sensorFirmwareVersion
 The version type of the sensor firmware. More...
uint64_t sensorHardwareVersion
 The hardware version of the sensor. More...
uint64_t sensorHardwareMagic
 The hardware magic number. More...
uint64_t sensorFpgaDna
 The FPGA DNA. More...

Detailed Description

Class containing version info for a specific sensor.

Example code to query a sensors version info

// Instantiate a channel connecting to a sensor at the factory default
// IP address
channel = crl::multisense::Channel::Create("");
// Create a VersionInfo instance to store the sensors version info
// Query the version info from the Channel instance
crl::multisense::Status status = channel->getVersionInfo(versionInfo));
// Check to see if the version info was queried successfully
throw std::runtime_error("Unable to query sensor version info");
// Use the version info ...
// Destroy the channel instance

Definition at line 3125 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VersionInfo()

crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::VersionInfo ( )

Default constructor which initialize all values to 0.

Definition at line 3148 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ apiBuildDate

std::string crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::apiBuildDate

The build date of libMultiSense.

Definition at line 3129 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ apiVersion

VersionType crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::apiVersion

The version of libMultiSense.

Definition at line 3131 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ sensorFirmwareBuildDate

std::string crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::sensorFirmwareBuildDate

The build date of the sensor firmware.

Definition at line 3134 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ sensorFirmwareVersion

VersionType crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::sensorFirmwareVersion

The version type of the sensor firmware.

Definition at line 3136 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ sensorFpgaDna

uint64_t crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::sensorFpgaDna


Definition at line 3143 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ sensorHardwareMagic

uint64_t crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::sensorHardwareMagic

The hardware magic number.

Definition at line 3141 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

◆ sensorHardwareVersion

uint64_t crl::multisense::system::VersionInfo::sensorHardwareVersion

The hardware version of the sensor.

Definition at line 3139 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
Class which manages all communications with a MultiSense device.
Definition: MultiSenseChannel.hh:69
static CRL_CONSTEXPR Status Status_Ok
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:98
static void Destroy(Channel *instanceP)
Destroy a channel instance that was created using the static member function Channel::Create().
int32_t Status
General status typdef used as a return value for get/set crl::multisense::Channel methods.
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:93
virtual Status setMtu(int32_t mtu)=0
Set the current sensor's MTU.
virtual Status getVersionInfo(system::VersionInfo &v)=0
Get the version info for the sensor and LibMultiSense.
Class containing version info for a specific sensor.
Definition: MultiSenseTypes.hh:3125
static Channel * Create(const std::string &sensorAddress)
Create a Channel instance, used to manage all communications with a sensor.