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crl::multisense::image Namespace Reference


class  AuxConfig
class  Calibration
 Class used For querying/setting camera calibration. More...
class  Config
 Class used to store a specific camera configuration. More...
class  ExposureConfig
class  Header
 Class containing image Header information common to all image types. More...
class  Histogram
 Class which stores a image histogram from a camera image. More...
class  PacketDelay
class  RemoteHeadConfig
class  TransmitDelay


typedef void(* Callback) (const Header &header, void *userDataP)
 Function pointer for receiving callbacks of image data. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ Callback

typedef void(* crl::multisense::image::Callback) (const Header &header, void *userDataP)

Function pointer for receiving callbacks of image data.

The data pointed to by the Header argument are guaranteed to remain valid only until the callback returns.

To reserve the data pointed to by header, so that it remains valid after the callback has returned, use

Definition at line 506 of file MultiSenseTypes.hh.

virtual void * reserveCallbackBuffer()=0
Reserve image or lidar data within a isolated callback so it is available after the callback returns.