8. Firmware Releases

The latest ROS driver is fully backwards-compatible with all older firmware releases.

After building the latest ROS driver, your MultiSense S21 can be field upgraded to latest firmware by downloading a firmware update file and issuing the following command from the ROS driver environment (assuming the IP address of your MultiSense S21 is ""):

rosrun multisense_lib MultiSenseUpdater multisense_firmware_v3_5.slf

If the firmware update process is not allowed to complete successfully, your MultiSense S21 will be left in a non-functional state. To avoid this:

  • Before running the update command, make sure to close all other software that communicates with the MultiSense (ROS nodes, utilities, etc.)

  • Ensure that the MultiSense unit is on an isolated network and has a stable power source.

  • Do not interrupt the update process once underway.

If the update fails to complete — do NOT power-cycle or power-off the MultiSense S21. Instead, remove all possible networking equipment between the update computer and the MultiSense S21 and restart the firmware updating process.

Release 3.5

Date 2017-01-23


Firmware Notes

This firmware release incorporates the following new features:

  • Added ability for 4MP models to be cropped to a 2MP ROI (and run at the higher 2MP frame rates), as well as allow the cropped view to be moved vertically throughout the native 4MP FOV. Note that adjustment of the position of the ROI will pause the data stream as rectification look up table have to be recalculated by the MicroBlaze processor.

  • Added new network delay function to allow delaying MultiSense data from being sent over the network. Typical use case is to lower instantaneous network bandwidth for multi-MultiSense synchronized systems.

Release 3.4

Date 2016-03-04


Firmware Notes

This firmware release incorporates the following new features:

  • Add support for persistent imager gain and black-level offset adjustments

  • Add in external calibration non-volatile storage

  • Add support for external lighting on S21 cameras

  • Add additional device status messages

Release 3.3

Date 2015-06-22


Firmware Notes

This firmware release fixes an issue when subscribing to only cost or right disparity images.

Release 3.2

Date 2015-05-18


Firmware Notes

This firmware release incorporates the following new features:

  • Low light auto-exposure fix

  • Directed Streams implementation. This changes PPS event emission, see PPS Topics for more information.

  • Support for CMOSIS CMV version 3 imagers.

Release 3.1

Date 2014-09-19


Firmware Notes

It is recommended that all users upgrade to this release for improved stereo accuracy.

This firmware release incorporates the following new features:

  • Improved stereo post-filtering resulting in better stereo performance in dark regions of source images.

  • Improved FPGA imager interface for more robust clock recovery.

Release 3.0_beta

Date 2014-02-14


Firmware Notes

  • SGM (semi-global matching) hardware stereo core.

  • Hardware stereo post-filter support and tuning.

  • Support for non-square (2x binned) vertical resolutions.

  • Support for variable disparity levels (64, 128, and 256.)

  • Support for right-disparity (8-bit) and left stereo cost-map (8-bit) images. Please note that in the 3.0_beta release, these images have not been passed through the left-right-discrepancy and post- stereo filters.

Release 2.3.1

Date 2013-12-04


Firmware Notes

  • Added support for on board IMU.

  • Added CMV4000 imager support.